About Us 

Eagle Trust is one of the reputed manpower supply companies in Kuwait. Eagle Trust focused on providing manpower supply services throughout the Whole Kuwait, for the last 15 years. We are the one-stop solution for manpower supply in Kuwait to the general and technical services requirements for all major industrial sectors such electrical sector. We are a registered company in Kuwait. we strictly follow all laws and legislation of Kuwait Ministry of Human Resources. With maximum years of service, we at World Star Manpower Supply in Kuwait have assisted hundreds of organizations of different industrial sectors in Kuwait with skilled labors. Our goal is to provide quality manpower supply services to all our clients.

We are the ultimate destination for all kind of manpower solutions.

We are the right manpower supply partner to meet all your business goals.

Ensure your success with our expertise in Labour supply services.

Our team is from different nationalities. Our management team of experts has many years of experience and knowledge which makes them provide best manpower supply service solutions to most reputed organization & companies of major industrial sectors in Kuwait. We analyze the labor supply requirements of our clients and ensure that our clients get the best manpower supply services.

Our prospective employees are recruited from different parts of the world after having trade tests in their respective fields and thorough screening. We ensure that our prospective candidates undergo a rigorous evaluation. So that we can provide the best possible talent to our clients it will help them to achieve their goals on time.

As a manpower supply specialist, Eagle Trust ensure that we do justice to both our prospective candidates and companies by giving them right guidance to kick-start their career and by providing the productive and fruitful manpower supply to the companies. We also give a prime focus on the health and safety of the employees so that they can focus on their work.

As per the Kuwait labor law, any person who works in a company should have valid Kuwait Employment visa. We will provide the manpower with valid visas and supply them on a temporary basis to various industries according to the client’s needs. We will also take care of the employee health insurance, workman compensation, accommodation, transportation, thereby reducing the worries of our client companies. The companies just need to concentrate on their business, with providing quality manpower supply services we manage the manpower part of their business will be handled by us with at most professionalism.

Eagle Trust Mission 

Our mission is to connect competent, proficient, knowledgeable, and quality employees to premier companies.  We ensure that both employees and clients are fully satisfied with our services. We will maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism with our customers and associates to become the best manpower supply company in Kuwait


We aspire to provide effective manpower supply solutions to organizations and offer individuals career development opportunities while strictly adhering the rules, regulations, and guidelines set by Ministry of Labour of Kuwait. Our focus is not only organizational growth but also to contribute towards the social and economic growth of Kuwait.

Our Objectives

  •    Our main objective is to make sure that the manpower supply services we offer to each company are tailor-made according to their manpower requirement.
  •    To supply focused, the flexible, motivated, diligent, and ambitious workforce that can deliver high quality and cost-effective projects on or before schedule.
  •    To maintain a long-term relationship with our clients by providing quality and timely labor supply services according to their manpower needs.
  •    To provide important HR services like visa processing, medical benefits, accommodations to ensure the smooth running of services.

Our Goals

  •    To make the whole process effective and efficient
  •    Creating a culture that believes in the continuous process of improvement
  •    To build a productive and positive relationship with clients
  •    High quality of service at a lower price
  •    Consistent quality
  •    Quick reinforcement of manpower in emergency situations

We provide manpower supply in Kuwait to the following sectors.

  • Electrical Manpower Supply
  • Helper Manpower Supply

All these categories of manpower are provided in the entire emirates of Kuwait with the best manpower supply rates. Contact us today to get the best

All businesses require talented manpower resources to execute the projects on time. But it is a costly and time-consuming affair to hire such skilled and talented manpower for companies. Here comes the role of Manpower Supply Company that provides quick and easy access to the best workers to companies of different sectors. We offer a swift and easy transition for the companies who are in need of qualified manpower.

Reasons to Choose Eagle Trust  as your Manpower Supply Company

Save money

Eagle Trust employer’s point of view, the ultimate goal is to find best manpower for their own company. To find the best available talent you have to identify the preferred candidate and made a job offer to them. It takes lots of effort and time to find the perfect manpower for your organization. When you use our manpower supply services in Kuwait it can be advantageous for you because you do not have to spend extra money on recruitment and training of your employees. Due to the years of expertise in manpower supply services in Kuwait, we can do all pre-employment activities such as background testing, drug screening, and screening in accordance with your manpower requirements. We provide skilled and efficient manpower at remarkable rate all over Kuwait. Our team of experts is specially trained for such kinds of recruitments; they get the job done at a faster pace than the HR department of any company hence saving lots of time and money. Moreover some of the companies in Kuwait need to execute small projects. So that they require manpower only for few months, in that case hiring a full-time employee is just waste of money. The entire Kuwait employment visa duration is for 2 years. So for short projects in Kuwait, it is not advisable to hire additional manpower if the companies have small projects. So by hiring our manpower supply services for short time can help the companies in saving their operational price to a greater extent.

Negotiable Rates

We are known for placing skilled manpower at negotiable hourly or monthly rates. As a leading manpower supply company in Kuwait, we also play the role of mediator between employee and employer so we know the exact requirements of both the parties. We negotiate on behalf of both parties and agree mutually acceptable packages. If both parties know about other’s expectations and hope, a real deal can be sealed. We try to close the deal which is suitable for the employer as well as the employee.

Flexible Contracts

Different companies have different requirements for the workforce. Some want employees for the long-term and some want for the short term. Whether you want manpower for a day or a year, we provide a team or individuals who can meet your requirements perfectly.

Reliable Manpower

We have a team of experienced recruiters who know the recent trends and changes in the market. Our team of experts knows how to select the required manpower from a whole group of different people based on the criteria set by the employer. We do a proper screening so that you get a reliable and skilled workforce. We only place the employees which have required skill sets.

Avoid Time and Cost of Employed Manpower

When you involved in the recruitment process you need to maintain a proper human resource department. And it is a costly affair to maintain the HR department throughout the year. When you hire our manpower supply services we handle all the processes of the HR department. So you do not have to bear the hidden costs of employed staff such as employee overheads and benefits. All that the client companies need to do is that just calculate the number of hours the manpower worked and pay us the mutually agreed rates.

Industry Expertise

We spend every day to provide manpower staffing solutions to organizations across a range of industry sectors in Kuwait. So we have significant expertise and job market insight, not in Kuwait but also internationally. As a manpower supply company, we understand the industry trends, employer needs, candidate expectations, and the impact of supply and demand on the job market.  We help the employers to make informed decisions which can have a positive impact on the bottom line of your company.

One Supplier – One Relationship

To recruit employees companies to have to do advertisement and follow the recruitment process. On every stage, you have to deal with many people who are hassle. When you choose us then you just have to deal with only one reliable manpower supply company in Kuwait. We take care of whole process for you. Dealing with one supplier builds a strong relationship. We understand your need and provide manpower supply services according to your requirements without any hassle so that you can focus on other important works to develop your business.

Committed to Health and Safety

The manpower we provide is trained and certified according to industry standards. The employees are given training on health and safety procedures. They know how to work safely and contribute towards a zero harm workplace.  Kuwait’s government ensures worker’s safety and protection by imposing environment, health and safety standards.

Save Time

Instead of spending weeks on hiring talented and skilled workforce, you can hire our Manpower Supply services one of the best in Kuwait. It will save lots of your time and you will be able to focus more on your business development. We provide different kinds of workforce for different industries. So whatever your sector is you can choose our manpower supply services to save your valuable time.

Greater Access to Skilled Manpower

As a reputed Manpower Supply company with offices in  Kuwait, we have greater access to a skilled pool of talent. So we can provide a skilled and talented workforce on short notice. If ever you feel a manpower gap just give us a chance to fill that gap in no time. We keep the workers on standby so that in emergencies when you need manpower we can support you with appropriate manpower supply services.

Fully Vetted Manpower

We use a strict process to hire workers. We check their background, history, and resume reviewing them. When you hire our services to be assured that we will provide you genuine and talented employees to you who will stay longer with you.

We not only provide you talented and qualified manpower but also help you to focus on your important business activities. Choosing our Manpower Supply services in Kuwait, can save your time, reduces your costs, provide you skilled workers and create a piece of mind. Whenever you feel short of manpower or have a requirement for a talented workforce in Kuwait hire our manpower supply services to get the required manpower within no time. Hiring our manpower supply services will allow you to free up time and resources to help you can drive the business forward.

We supply manpower all over Kuwait to the following sectors.

  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Helper
  • Contact us

for any manpower supply requirements in Kuwait.


Electrical Engineering deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism in all of their forms. Whenever you go to flip a light switch in your house or even check the time on your smartphone, it took a series of electrical engineers to make that happen. The everyday things that we take for granted – like being able to turn on a light when it’s dark – are actually the result of hundreds of years worth of work by dedicated engineers. In the grand scheme of academic study, electrical engineering is fairly new. But in its short life, it has become an absolutely essential field in providing us the everyday comforts we enjoy. Keep reading to learn more about the history of electrical engineering and why it is so important to our society that dedicated students continue to study and excel in this challenging and diverse field.


English physician, physicist, and philosopher William Gilbert are credited with introducing the term “electricity.” Although he did not spark the scientific interest in electricity that already existed, he could be called the first electrical engineer. Following in his footsteps in the 19th and early 20th centuries were such luminaries as Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison. As technology progressed and electricity became much more widespread – from the electric telegraph to the lightbulb – so did the demand for people who studied and could work in this new field. At first, electrical engineers studied within the physics department at schools like Cornell and MIT, but soon they had their own programs. The first electrical engineering department in the U.S. was founded at the University of Missouri in 1886. Electrical engineers in the U.S. today would probably be hard-pressed to find a job where they work with telegraphs, but there are myriad other applications for this specialized knowledge in the modern world. Electrical engineers make it possible for us to enjoy many of the modern comforts we have in the U.S., from smartphones and tablets to public utilities.


Electrical engineering programs are certainly not exactly the same across the board, but there are some basic topics that all programs cover. Undergraduate electrical engineering students will study mathematics, physics, and electronics as well as the intersection of these three main categories. Math courses in an electrical engineering program will likely include calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra, while physics courses will be at a more basic level. Electronics courses will cover circuitry, electromagnetism, and semiconductors. Students that earn a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering can certainly go on to have fulfilling and lucrative careers. Still, many choose to pursue an advanced education with a master’s degree or Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Graduate programs cover the same core areas at a more advanced level and may have more emphasis on computing and computer engineering.


There are a number of sub-disciplines related to electrical engineering, including:


  • Power engineering: deals specifically with electricity as a utility, including the generation, transmission, and distribution thereof


  • Control engineering: deals with the design and implementation of controllers of various systems from commercial airlines to jet propulsion
  • Electronic engineering: deals specifically with the design of circuits and their components such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. This branch of electrical engineering was previously known as “radio engineering.”
  • Microelectronics: deals with the design and creation of very small circuits, often requiring chemical fabrication.
  • Signal processing engineering: deals with the analysis and manipulation of both analog and digital signals.
  • Telecommunications: deals with the transmission of data across a channel, including coaxial cables, optical fiber, or space.
  • Instrumentation Engineering: deals with the design of measurement devices such as those used on aircraft, involves physics heavily
  • Computer engineering: deals not with computer programming but with the design of the electronic components of computer and computer systems.




Electrical engineering is just as important and exciting a field as it was when Nikola Tesla was still struggling to understand the true power of electricity. Though it is easy to look at the news and assume that computer programming, design, and mobile applications are the only important technologies to pursue, none of those things would be possible without the help of electrical engineers. Even the car company that bears Tesla’s name would not be able to exist without the field of electrical engineering and a team of people who understood how to make an electric car work, and how to maximize its battery life (still an area in need of further engineering innovation). The future of electrical engineering work is likely to be both large and small. Electrical engineers will be able to choose whether they want to focus on the intricate circuits that make up personal computing devices or the huge instruments that control spacecraft, and even entire power grids.

Kuwait is already a growing economy and in the current time period, it is growing at an even faster rate. Now, Kuwait is one of the leading economies in more than one industry such as the construction industry, oil, and gas industry.

This rapidly growing economy thus, demands manpower and that too skilled in order to perform various tasks. This demand for professional manpower is being fulfilled by Manpower Supply Company. These companies provide different categories of workforce i.e. workforce according to the job requirement. One of these various categories of the workforce is Electrical Manpower.

Electrical Manpower

The electrical workforce is an important aspect of any industry whether is for construction work or any other work. However, still we can broadly divide this manpower in into groups i.e. Normal Electrician and Industrial Electrician:

Normal Electrician

An electrician is a person who installs, operates, maintains and repairs electrical devices or electrical wirings. Electricians are trained on different levels. It means they are trained to one of three levels Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Electrician. Electricians are basically specialized in construction tasks such as install wiring systems in factories, businesses, and homes. On occasion, a normal electrician may be required to work on a higher voltage electrical system but most of the time he works on low voltage tasks. Most of the time a normal electrician works in an environment that is accessible to the masses. The level of expertise needed for a normal electrician is a little lower than an industrial electrician.

Responsibilities of an Industrial Electrician:


  • A normal electrician is responsible for assembling, installing, testing, and maintaining electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.


  • He diagnoses malfunctioning systems, apparatus, and components, using test equipment and hand tools, to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.
  • He connects wires to circuit breakers, transformers, or other components.



Industrial Electrician

Industrial Electricians are different from normal electricians as they require a different set of training. They basically focus on performing electrical work in industrial and commercial buildings. The tasks that they are indulged in are installing, repair and maintain electrical components or equipment and associated electrical controls. They mostly repair large electrical equipment, for example, industrial fans, large motors, or control systems. Reading and interpreting drawings, blueprints, schematics, and electrical code specifications to determine the layout of industrial electrical equipment installations is an essential part of an industrial electrician. In some job requirements, it is essential for an industrial electrician to have a trade certificate and in some job requirements, it is voluntary. The slightest mistake in the industrial electrical field can cost a lot. It can affect production, development and information system as well. Industrial electricians should be a safety component person to handle the work without any accidents.

Responsibilities of an Industrial Electrician:


  • The tasks that they are indulged in are installing, repair and maintain electrical components or equipment and associated electrical controls.


  • They mostly repair large electrical equipment, for example, industrial fans, large motors, or control systems.
  • Reading and interpreting drawings, blueprints, schematics, and electrical code specifications to determine the layout of industrial electrical equipment installations is an essential part of an industrial electrician.


Finding both a normal electrician and an industrial electrician may be very difficult for a company. Therefore, the role of Manpower Supply Company comes into the picture. We at Manpower Supply Company can provide highly skilled professionals according to the needs of the clients. As per the requirements of the client in Kuwait, we supply the best-skilled manpower that is under our VISA sponsorship. Below are some benefits of hiring our services

Our Expertise

Manpower Supply Company is an industry expert from the past ten years. We are known in Kuwait for providing quality, skilled, and genuine manpower in all categories from all over the world. You can also take advantage of our expertise by hiring our services.

Save Time and Cost

We have more than 1000 manpower under our visa sponsorship so we can provide you skilled manpower within no time. We can fill the gap of your manpower requirement instantly. When you hire our services you do not have to conduct the recruitment process so you will end up to save lots of your time and money.

Quality Manpower

As we are the industry experts and have years of experience, we provide skilled and quality manpower. Our team of experts conducts the proper process to select the best manpower from all over the world in different categories.

We at Manpower Supply Company makes it very easier for the client companies to fulfill the demand for the particular skill set workers required usually for a short period of time since the Manpower Supply Company has a huge network of candidates that have the necessary and as per job requirement experience and qualification.

There is a boom in the electrical sector in the United Arab Emirates. A lot of electrical companies have been established in Kuwait over the years. Due to this, the demand for qualified electricians is also increasing. Kuwait has a growing graph in infrastructural development; especially in the electrical sector. Kuwait is the most favored destination, especially for electricians. Lots of projects are going on and many are in pipeline. In order to complete projects on time, it is essential to have talented and skilled manpower resources. Electrical companies find it difficult to hire talented and skilled electricians as it is a time-consuming process. Manpower supply companies Kuwait play a vital role here, by providing a skilled workforce and qualified manpower to electrical companies.


An electrician is a tradesman who specializes in electrical wiring of buildings, lighting systems, stationary machines, and other equipment. Electricians are employed to install and maintain the wiring and new electrical components.

Electricians can be divided into two categories


A lineman is a person who works on electric utility companies at higher voltages.

Wire man

Wire man works with lower voltages. Wireman is provided training in one of five primary specialties i.e.commercial, residential, light industrial, industrial, and low-voltage wiring.

Electricians get training in one of three levels i.e. apprentice, journeyman, and master electrician. Jobs provided to electricians are full time. There are numerous jobs available for electricians.

 Responsibilities of Electrician 

Following are the responsibilities of an electrician 


  • The electrician is responsible for inspecting electrical components such as transformers and circuit breakers.


  • The electrician installs and maintains wiring and lighting systems.
  • They identify electrical problems with various testing devices.
  • They repair electrical wiring by using hand tools.
  • Electricians connect power cables to equipment such as motors.
  • An electrician uses various tools such as measuring devices and testing equipment including ammeters and test lamps.
  • They test electrical systems by using testing devices such as ohmmeters and voltmeters to ensure the safety of a system.
  • They repair damaged systems by using hand tools to know the cause of a breakdown and resolve the problem.
  • They report to management in case any equipment is hazardous.



Quality and skills of Electrician

Following are the quality and skills electrician should have:


  • The electrician should have problem-solving skills as an electrician should understand the overall electrical problem and should know how to fix it.


  • Most of the work is assigned to electricians are through a document so good reading skills plays an important to understand the work requirements. Also, the electricians have to understand work orders and write a summary of their work.
  • The skill of time management plays a vital role to complete the task within deadlines. The ability to plan their work properly has an added advantage.
  • They should not be scared of heights and should have the ability to work at heights.
  • The electricians should be able to distinguish the colors that are used to identify wires.
  • Electricians should have the physical strength and good stamina so that they can work for a long time.



What the employer can expect from Electrician

Following are the requirements of an employer when they hire electricians

  • Ability to use electrical and hand tools.
  • Employer prefers the electrician who has the excellent problem-solving ability.
  • As the work of electricians is risky so employers always prefer to hire Electricians who have deep knowledge of safety procedures.
  • Electricians must be physically fit and should have the flexibility to work long shifts.
  • They should have excellent critical thinking.

The electrical sector has a lack of skilled and qualified electricians. There are many pass outs from technical institutions who aspire to become an electrician but still, electrical companies find it difficult to hire an ideal candidate for them. We at Manpower Supply Company Kuwait provide skilled and qualified manpower to electrical companies within a short period.

Some benefits of using our services are

Save Time and Money

It takes a lot of time to find the best available talent and skilled manpower for your organization, so our panel of experts gets the job done for you at a faster pace thus save your time. We provide efficient and qualified manpower supply all over In Kuwait at Affordable rates. Some companies in Kuwait execute small projects so it is not advisable to hire full-time employees for that so companies can hire our manpower supply services for a short time and hence can save their operational cost.


We have significant expertise in providing manpower staffing solutions to organizations across various sectors in Kuwait. We understand industry trends and meet the expectations of organizations.

Provide Skilled Manpower

We are renowned Manpower Supply Company in Kuwait which has offices Kuwait Govermantel & Civil Construction Site we are known for providing a talented workforce on short notice. While hiring the workers we properly check their background and do the technical test before issuing their visa. We provide genuine and skilled employees who will stay with you for a longer period. Eagle Trust  Manpower Supply Company can fill the manpower gap on time.

We are one of the most reliable manpower supply companies in Kuwait. We provide the electrician which has required skill sets. Companies spend weeks on hiring talented and qualified workforce instead of doing that you can hire our manpower supply services and we will supply the reliable and skilled electricians to almost Whole Kuwait. It will save you valuable time and you can focus on the growth of your business and can drive your business forward.

Kuwait has always been a large market for the electrical sector as there are lots of infrastructural developments project are executed at a faster pace. For the on-going projects, industrial electricians are huge in demand. The construction workforce is the people who help at the construction sites. These workers get training from labor supply companies and become experienced in executing the projects with high expertise. When they are fully trained, they are ready to hunt the construction industry that matches their job knowledge. Labour supply companies in Kuwait train these workers according to the requirement of the job. There are many types of construction workers carpenter; electricians; plumber but industrial electricians have a huge demand in the market as the skill set requires is more compared to other industries.

Industrial Electricians

Electricians are the tradesman specialized in electrical wiring of buildings, structures, and related equipment. They install new electrical components or maintenance & repair of existing electrical infrastructure. Industrial electrician focuses on large projects such as a new electrical system for the entire building or upgrading the existing system. They install, maintain, test troubleshoot & repair electrical equipment found in an industrial site or plant. They use tools like diagonal pliers, needle nose pliers, cable cutters, strippers, etc.

Responsibilities of Industrial Electricians

They perform various responsibilities-

  • Industrial electricians read & interpret blueprints of industrial electrical equipment installation.
  • They conduct preventive maintenance programs.
  • Industrial electricians install test switchgear, transformers, switchboard meters & regulators.
  • Industrial electricians perform inspections.
  • They observe safety electrical codes.

Skills & Qualities of Industrial Electrician

Some specific qualities & skills electricians should have because they perform very risky jobs-

  • An industrial electrician should have the ability to troubleshoot a problem quickly, and then he will be able to do the job.
  • They should be flexible as they often have to work unusual hours as the need occurs.
  • Industrial electricians’ manual dexterity matters a lot.
  • Industrial Electrician must have an associate degree in the field to perform well.
  • They should have strong written & verbal skills to communicate with the team.
  • Ability to perform physically demanding tasks, such as lifting heavy objects, climbing ladders, crawling.
  • It is a very risky job if proper safety is not taken electrical shock can harm electricians to the death in a moment. So they should be a safe competent person to handle the work without any accident.

What Companies Expect from an Industrial Electrician

  • A well-educated electrician will be preferred by the employer. He should be specialized in at least two areas so that he can execute complex work much easier.
  • An employer will prefer a clear thinker regarding work in confined spaces.
  • Ready to work on large pieces of equipment.
  • Should know about all equipment related to his profession.

The civil construction sector in the United Arab Emirates has always the problem of manpower in their region. That’s why they hire from outside. For this purpose, Manpower Supply Company is working. We provide best skilled, trained & experienced electricians at a short notice.

Some of the important benefits to work with us:


For bigger construction projects, it needs a large workforce in order to complete work on time. And for the large workforce, a big HR department will be required. If the employer hires us to fulfill the need of workforce, he can reduce the total cost of construction in the form of the HR department. We Manpower supply company, provide skilled & trained electricians at the best hourly or monthly rates to your various projects.


It saves more time for employers to take the help of Manpower Supply Company. They can use valuable time in other management work.


Manpower Supply Company provides reliable & willing to work workforce who are ready to work in the long-run. So that lack of workforce would not arise during construction hours.


We have more than 15 years of experience in providing different kinds of workforces. The skilled workforce could be arranged for different sectors at short notices.

Employers can hire us for abundant industrial electricians. We have access to various types of electricians regarding experience. We will never let their work down. Eagle Trust Manpower Supply Company always provides the best workforce. We provide our Industrial Electricians in all the Kuwait Govormantel & Civil Construction Site.


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