Civil construction is a branch of Civil Engineering. Civil construction involves maintenance, design, and construction of both natural and physically built infrastructure. This infrastructure includes roads, railways, buildings, water reservoirs, airports, bridges, dams, and other infrastructures. Therefore, civil construction is the creation of infrastructure which involves water, earth, and transport. In today’s world, where one can see buildings, dams, roads, airports and other infrastructure development going one for the society’s welfare, the necessity for civil construction is increasing rapidly. There are huge projects that are meant for civil constructions and engineering. All the infrastructure that is being used in our day to day lives has been created all because of civil construction and engineering and there is high demand for Civil Construction Manpower in Kuwait

This industry of civil construction includes all the individuals and companies that deal with planning, creating and designing infrastructure.

One the most important aspect of civil construction is structural engineering because it helps in designing the infrastructure or structures in a way that it is able to support itself with all the loads with ease. It is very important to classify large projects into civil construction stages. This is in order to maintain the quality of construction projects.

We provide the following Civil Construction Manpower





  • Rigger  Manpower Supply.





 Responsibilities of a Civil Constructor.



  • A civil constructor needs to study, evaluate and investigate the land and building sites to ensure that it is suitable for the construction of infrastructure.


  • They also have to ensure that they adhere to the rules and regulations created by the government while planning and creating the infrastructure.


  • They have to make sure that the plans for infrastructure creation have been approved by the government bodies.
  • They also have to create cost estimates and contracts.
  • They have to supervise and monitor the infrastructure construction to ensure that it matches and is on the same path as the plan made earlier.





In Kuwait, there is a high demand for Civil Construction Manpower. Kuwait  market is flooded with job opportunities for civil constructors. The professionals with all the skills and required knowledge are high in demand. Not only this, it is also estimated that in future the demand for civil construction is even going to be higher than today. Therefore, the industry needs to be prepared for all sort of rising demands for workers.

Therefore, to solve this issue timely, Manpower Supply Companies are emerging. They provide the required workforce to their client companies. The skill set demanded by the job opportunities is being fulfilled by these Manpower Supply Companies. We as a Eagle Trust have all the expertise to find the workforce for the all the category of work.

We have more than 1000 workers under our visa sponsorship so that we can provide you the quality manpower whenever you need it. We have the capacity to fulfil your immediate short or long-term demand. We at Eagle Trust have more than Maximum of experience in the area of Manpower Supply. In Kuwait, we are known for providing quality and skilled workforce on time. Our team of experts conduct proper screening and provide best candidates to our clients from all over the world. Our expertise in the area of manpower supply will help you to save your precious time, money, efforts and you will get the skilled workforce at best remuneration.

So now whenever you want Civil Construction Manpower, just hire our services and get the best workforce Solution in Kuwait.

Mason Manpower Supply


Mason is also known as brick mason and bricklayer. Mason is a craftsman who lays bricks to construct brickwork or they lay a combination of stones, bricks, cinder blocks, etc. Stonemason is a craftsman who is expert in stone cutting and shaping industry. Stonemason can also set stones. In other words, Mason uses bricks, natural stones, or concrete blocks to build different kinds of structures such as walls, fences, and walkways.

According to the specialization in which the mason is trained, they are called as



  • Brick Masons.


  • Block Masons.


  • Stone Masons.





Most of the mason jobs are full time and they are ready to work overtime as per the demand to complete deadline. The job outlook for Mason is also excellent which is expected to grow faster than the average as the construction industry is growing day by day to fulfil the infrastructural development.


Responsibilities of Mason.


These are some roles and responsibilities which a Mason has to take.



  • A mason typically assists in building the layout, sheathing, framing, and roofing structures.


  • They use tools and construction equipment properly and safely to perform the basic construction tasks.


  •  Mason can lift and place the bricks of around 5 pounds weight more than hundred times in a day.
  •   Mason has to lift and place blocks weighing 20 to 50 pounds around hundred times in a day.
  • They cut openings into ceilings, walls, and floors constructed of masonry materials.
  • Mason can tear down, rebuild, and point various part of building.
  • They correct any safety hazards and communicate to their immediate supervisor or foreman to complete the works in a timely manner.






Quality and Skills of Mason.



  • Masons have to be physically strong because a Mason has to regularly lift very heavy equipment and  materials such as blocks, stones, bricks, and concrete.


  • Mason’s manual dexterity also does matter because Mason has to apply smooth and even layers of mortar and quickly set the bricks.


  • Mason has to keep a steady pace as they have to lay bricks all day so Mason should have lots of physical stamina.
  • The Masons who work on stones should be creative enough so that they can shape the stones in a creative    way to give the functional and attractive structures.





What the Employer in Kuwait expect from Mason.


What employers look for when they hire Masons? Below are some requirements based on actual job announcements.



  • Ability to read and comprehend the instructions not limited to procedure manual and safety policies.


  • Ability to work outdoors.


  • Employer prefers the mason who can work independently and can complete the assigned activities daily.
  • Mason must be physically fit so that they can work with very little downtime.
  • As the climate of Kuwait is very hot in summer , the masons should be willing to work in this hot environment.
  • Ability to travel long distance as the construction site where they want to work might be far away from accommodation site.





The construction sector always has a shortage of skilled workforce in Eagle Trust manpower especially in Kuwait. There are lot’s of job seekers but construction companies generally face the skill shortage. But we have the solution for the demand and supply gap of the skilled Masons. is known for providing skilled masons at short notice. Some of the key benefits of using our services are.




We have expertise in hiring skilled workforce for different sectors including civil construction.




When you use manpower suppliers in Kuwait it can result in lower costs associated with hiring adequate Masons. We do the pre-employment testing, drug screening, and background investigations so that you can get best employees without spending much time and resources on screening.




We have the larger network of skilled workers when you are using our services you do not have to post advertisements to hire skilled manpower. We can provide reliable skilled workers at a very short notice.




We analyse the work habits of the skilled workforce and provide you with the workers who are reliable and wants to work for long term. So that you do not face manpower issues during your project. If employee turnover is lower, you can save lots on employee turnover and training costs.

Manpower supply companies help in hiring and maintenance of manpower in such a way that allows the maximum utilization of human resources. We at Manpower Supply Kuwait provide trained and skilled masons to the employers from different cities of Kuwait such,


Steel Fixer Supply


As the construction industry is booming in Kuwait, the requirement of civil construction worker is increasing. The construction industry is becoming one of the highest employers in almost all the emirates of Kuwait. Though there are several kinds of construction worker are needed in the civil construction but steel fixer are high in demand nowadays. We at v are known for providing skilled and reliable construction workers. We offer every type of construction workers for long as well as short-term basis. If you ever want some workers for a day, we can easily arrange the same on a short notice. As the demand is high for steel fixers in the country and it is tough to get steel fixers, but we can provide reliable and skilled steel fixers according to your requirements.

Steel fixers also called iron workers or rod busters, uses steel bars and position them to reinforce the concrete on construction projects to strengthen the buildings and other big structures. The work involves several engineering drawings such as details and types of steel bars, spacing used, and setting out the work. These reinforcing bars are tied together with wires. Steel fixer is also responsible for attaching spacers and chairs which determine the amount of concrete cover.


Responsibilities of a Steel Fixer.


Below are some roles and responsibilities of Steel Fixer



  • Steel fixer have to work on the construction projects for buildings, apartments, housing societies, houses, high rising houses, offices, factories, tunnels, bridges, etc.


  • The work of steel fixer involves several kinds of engineering drawing so they must have the ability to follow the engineering diagrams and instructions.


  • They must have particle skills.
  •  Steel fixer will closely work with engineering designers, steel erectors and other construction workers.







The day to day duties of steel fixers includes:



  • Setting out the work area, and following the engineering plans.


  • Bending the steel bars or mashes with the help of hands and power tools.


  • Tying reinforcement bars together with the help of wires, welds, or clips to build up sections.
  • Fitting chairs and spacers to provide support.
  •  Fixing of the wooden formwork or shuttering to hold the concrete in place.
  • Fixing steel to concrete bases.
  • Installing pre-cast slabs and beams.





What an employer can expect from a Steel Fixer


Bar bending and fixing is one of the specialized trade of the civil construction industry. Some trades which you can expect from a steel fixer are:



  • Skills of making, cutting, and bending of reinforcement bars using hand and other power tools.


  • Fabricating, placing, and fixing the reinforcement bars at the desired locations.




Some other skills which do matter for an on-going and quality works are



  • Physical fitness of steel fixers, because if they are fit then only they will be able to give their complete dedication to complete the project on time.


  • Ability to grasp technical knowledge and equipment handling skills.


  • Decision-making abilities
  • Good written and oral communication skills





When you hire our services we assure you to provide the best possible skilled steel fixers. We do a proper screening of each and every candidate to ensure their reliability and skills. Our team of experts has maximum of experience in selecting the top-notch candidates according to your requirements. We provide the candidate who has the relevant work experience or work-based qualification so that you do not face any difficulties in handling the manpower.


Some benefits of hiring our manpower supply services



  • We provide the steel fixers who have good knowledge of safe work practices and handling of the reinforcement bars properly so that they can work without damaging the other things and ignoring the safety rules.


  • The physically fit steel fixers provided by us work efficiently across various locations in withstanding extreme  weather conditions.


  • The diligent, organised, and methodical steel fixers provided by us have the ability to take quick decisions. Their good communication skills help them to work in a team and they prefer to finish the work within defined limits.
  •  We are the manpower supply industry experts from past more than fifteen years. So we have the insight about the industry which will help us to provide you, the best manpower according to industry standards.
  • When you hire our labour supply services, you just have to deal with a single company instead of dealing with several candidates. So you can save on your human resource expenses.
  • We do the proper screening of every candidate to check their capabilities and skills so that we can provide you with the best available talent.
  • We are the industry experts with maximum of experience, so we possess the largest network of skilled manpower. We can assist you to provide quality and reliable manpower within no time.
  • During the screening process, we check all the qualities and work habits of every candidate so that we can provide you the manpower who can work efficiently to complete your project on time.





We help you to hire and maintain the best quality staff according to your requirement. You can access our steel fixer manpower supply services in all the major cities of Kuwait

Scaffolder Supply

The construction industry of Kuwait  is booming. It is increasing its construction work day by day with the new projects. But it is also known that there is a lack of qualified scaffolder in various construction related projects. Mostly they hire the manpower from outside labour supply companies inorder to meet the project dead line. Kuwait’s Companies operating in always require different categories of workers for their construction projects.

Here the need of Eagle Trust arises because it is very difficult for the organizations to hire construction workers from outside. So they take help of Manpower supply companies working in those cities. Construction manpower is those people who provide their services in construction of these huge projects. It includes masons, carpenters, riggers, scaffolders, etc. Now, for a big projects in Kuwait Scaffolders is in demand and we are working towards this.

A scaffolder is a person who erects & dismantles scaffolding. Scaffolding is the temporary structure which is used to support underdeveloped construction. Scaffolds are widely used on site of construction to get access to heights and areas where to reach is hard. If Scaffolding is not done properly, it can result in death & serious injury. Apart from construction sites, it is also used in concert to make stages.Pipes, Tubes, Couplers and boards are used as basic components in scaffolding. Tubes are usually made of either steel or aluminum. The key elements of scaffolding are standard, ledger & transoms. The standards, also called uprights are the vertical tubes that transfer the entire mass of the structure.

Responsibilities of Scaffolders


  • Primary scaffolding work includes planning according to the site requirements and then arranges necessary scaffolding materials to suit the work.


  • Then they create a vertical stable base on the ground so that it will not destroy before the time.


  • They put tubes horizontally and vertically according to the site requirements.
  • Then they attached that scaffold structure to the building.
  • Then planks will be fixed in the scaffolds so that worker can stand on that confidently.
  • Fixing guard rails & safety nets.
  • Dismantling & taking out of scaffolding after the finishing of jobs.




Skills & Qualities of a Scaffolder.

Scaffolding is a very critical job. That’s why a scaffolder should have some of the following skills & qualities :


  • All construction works are the hard jobs. To do any kind of construction jobs such as a mason, a plumber, and scaffolding, physical strength is the main requirement. A scaffolder should have physical strength, fitness & stamina because they will have to work at heights.


  • Scaffolding cannot be done alone means an individual cannot do this work. So any scaffolder should have the ability to work in a team and should have the strength to support his colleagues.


  • As they work on heights, it is very necessary that a scaffolder should be safety-conscious for him as well as for his colleagues.
  • Before starting work, a structure of scaffold is prepared. So any scaffold worker should have planning & organizational skills that how to start from zero.




What an employer can expect from a Scaffolder

Employers are the person who always expects best from their workers-


  • Any employer will prefer the Scaffolder who has experience on the construction site, as it is a very risky job. They will not like to take a risk of anyone’s death or injury.


  • Scaffolder will have to work always outside in all weathers, so he may be prepared for this if he wants to get preference by the employers.


  • Scaffolder should be friendly with travel because they will have to travel site to site.
  • Manual dexterous scaffolders will be preferred.




We make sure that the employers get best-skilled workers. We Manpower supply are providing our services to the employers in fulfilling their needs. Apart from this, we are working for the welfare of such construction workers too. Sometimes it happens that the skilled workforce did not find work according to their abilities, so this problem ends here. Workers will do the work matching their abilities.

The advantages of hiring Scaffolder from a Eagle Trust Price Saving.

Using our services can reduce the cost of hiring employees and spending on them in regards to pre-employment tests. Because we provide ready to work workforce after all tests being done. No need to work more on employees.

Provide required skills and guidance.

As we know the market trends, we provide matching skills workers to the employers. We prepare enough the workers to give their best through guidance.

No need for advertisements.

As we provide workforce at a short notice there is no need to advertisement and extravagance.

Less footwork.

Less footwork will be needed in searching jobs for workers and hire candidates to the employer because we manpower supply work for both.

We at Manpower Supply Kuwait provide trained & skilled scaffolders to employer matching their work requirements. We are working in Whaul Kuwait li for the past 15 years, so we will not let your work down.

Carpenter Supply

With the  trends Kuwait  is becoming the hub of construction work. Investment in infrastructure has become a substantial part of the construction and projects sector in the Kuwait. For all construction work labour force is needed the most. As the size of construction work in Kuwait is increasing day by day, to local and foreign companies. For all these constructions manpower is needed. Construction Companies in major cities needs skilled and efficient workforce.

They are ready to give good pay-outs to skilled persons. But the problem is it is very difficult for them to find skilled manpower. So they take help of Manpower supply companies who can provide the labour force according to their requirements at a short notice.

Construction workers are the people who give their services to construction companies. It includes masons, carpenter, plumbers etc. Construction workers get training from different labour supply services, those who have in house training centres and become trained on the site. Carpenters are in the highly demand to a civil construction company-


The word carpenter is derived from a Latin word Carpentrius (Maker) of a carriage. In normal language we know the carpenter as a person who works with woods. Carpenter is the person who has the skills in first fixing of timber items. It can be the construction of roofs, floors and timber framed buildings. Traditionally, carpenters worked with natural wood and did work such as framing. Carpentry is the most male dominated work because as the data says 98.5% of carpenters are male. Carpenter is the person who joins the job first and last to leave. A carpenter performs the tasks such as flooring, installing windows & doors, interior trim, solid surface, roofing, framing, siding flooring, computer access flooring, wall partitions, office & home furniture system & staircase making, etc.

There are some types of Carpenters such as-

  • Shuttering Carpenters
  • Finishing / Furniture Carpenter
  • Gypsum Carpenter
  • Shuttering Carpenters

The person who is specialized in creating formwork or shuttering is called shutter carpenter. Formwork used to support the weight of the building or structure which built on top of it. Formwork provides strength to the structure. It is the addition of base materials and concrete. Shuttering refers to wooden boards or metal plates that are supported by rods. After placing these boards or plates, concrete can be poured within moulds. The mould will hold the concrete in place creating a solid, smooth structure. The shutter carpenters are highly specialized and skilled in their fields.

Finishing/Furniture Carpenter– 

A Finishing Carpenter also known as Furniture Carpenter is the one who provides finishing touches after the primary building of a structure is done. Finishing Carpentry includes baseboards, moulding, stairs, doors, hard wood floors, cabinet and windows. To know, where their expertise is needed they use specific instructions & blueprints.

Gypsum Carpenter-

Gypsum boards are used instead of plaster to make interior walls. It is a wide flat board which is used to cover walls & partitions. The person who does this work called gypsum carpenter. We supply experienced Gypsum Carpenter on temporary basis for your project.

Responsibilities of Carpenter.


  • Carpenter is the person who gives beautiful look to the structures.


  • They cut, shape & smooth lumbers and fibre glass.


  • They are responsible for strength & durability of structures as the foundation of any structure is made by shuttering carpenters.
  • They read blueprints & draw sketches of windows, doors & other parts where installation of wooden things are required.
  • They build window frames, doors, staircase & frame of building.
  • They take measurement & calculate the size of wooden needs in construction.




Skills & Qualities of carpenter.

There are some skills & qualities which a carpenter should have-


  • Carpenters should have excellent communication skills as they will have to communicate to their co-workers. A good communicator can avoid making costly mistakes.


  • They should have physical stamina as they will have to lift heavy blocks, drywalls.


  • They should have sharp visions because finishing carpentry depends on this.
  • Carpenter should know about different types of woods and how to handle them.
  • Carpenters should have good mathematical & calculating skills as it will be needed in taking measurements of windows, doors, drywalls & other furniture.




What an employer can expect from a Carpenter.


  • Ability to tolerate prolonged standing, bending & stretching because carpenters all work are  done by standing.


  • Employer prefers the carpenter who has impeccable skills of carpentry.


  • Carpenters should be patient because they are the person who joins first the job & last to leave.
  • Employer gives priority to the finish carpenters who give attention to detail as the final finishing is done by them.
  • Finishing carpenters checks for scratches, gaps, putty smears & dents and repair them, so if they work diligently they will be preferred by the employers.




To fulfil these expectations of employer and to provide employment to skilled carpenters we “Eagle Trust” are providing our services to both. We work as a bridge between both. We provide our services to all the emirates of Kuwait.

Our clients can get benefits for using our services such as

Time Saving.

It can be time efficient to use our services. We provide manpower at a very short notice. So the employer can use their precious time in other work rather than searching for manpower.

Cost Effective.

Hiring through manpower supplies in Kuwait can be cost effective. Using our services reduces the cost of pre-employment testing, drug screening, and background checking and other employment related tests because all tests we do. More over to get the right manpower is a tedious task.

Less responsibilities of maintaining the labour force.

As we do take care of managing leaves of employees, medical reimbursement, and local conveyance, the employer will not have the headache of all these activities.


We have the large network to hire skilled manpower. So HR department will be free from unskilled & semi-skilled workforce.

We at Manpower Supply Kuwait  provide trained and skilled carpenters to the employers of all the major cities of Kuwait. We are working since last 15 years in this field and we have goodwill in the market, so our clients can expect best from us.

Rigger Supply 

Despite many challenges in global economic situations, Kuwait is emerging as the largest construction market. There are  So many values We Have For all contracts, the workforce will be required. But for them, it is typical to hire workforce as it demands skills and a great HR department because demand is huge in this case. Here the role of manpower companies arises. We at Eagle Trust are providing our services to hire construction workforce for employers. We are rendering our Rigger manpower service in all the Kuwait Construction Side

Rigger’s Supply.

Rigger is the person who is specialized in the lifting & moving extremely heavy items often with the help of cranes, derricks and chain hoists. The word Rigger’s derived from the days of sailing ships. Earlier a Rigger’s identified as a person who worked with Rigger’s to hoist the sails. Before mechanical haulage & cranes, ropes, pulleys & muscles power were available to move heavy objects. Now a day, Rigger’s use shackles, cables, clamps or straps to lift heavy objects. Rigger’s help to operate machines that move heavy objects like steel plates, bundles of steel road, drilling towers, platforms and other heavy construction equipment that are used to build & take down steel structures.

Responsibilities of Rigger’s.

Rigger’s play an important role while construction work on the sites-


  • A Rigger’s decides that which pulleys, booms, braces & cable are enough strong to adopt in a job.


  • They also know which types of hooks, chains & cables have to attach and where to lift a load safely.


  • When the crane operator lifts the objects, Rigger’s use their hands to give signal where the object has to place.
  • They determine the most effective manner to lift the object by examining the size & weight of the object.
  • Rigger’s erect structural steel and concrete framework with this they also inspect, repair & maintain rigging equipment.
  • They assemble & dismantle the equipment before & after job, respectively.
  • Rigger’s inform to management about safety concerns immediately.
  • They should have a calculative mind and solid math skills for calculating load requirements.




Skills & Qualities of a Eagle trust.


  • Rigger’s works often at heights, the conditions may be dangerous. So, they should be mentally & physically prepare for it.


  • They should possess a high school diploma at least though.


  • They also know which types of hooks, chains & cables have to attach and where to lift a load safely.
  • Rigger’s should have good communication skills as at the construction sites they will have to communicate with the co-workers which are the basic for safety.
  • Rigger’s work mostly on the construction sites so they should understand construction business completely.
  • Rigger’s should have a strong mathematical background to perform the job properly.



What an employer can expect from a Eagle trust.


  • Employer prefers the Rigger’s who possesses at least the high school diploma.


  • The employer gives priority to those Rigger’s who are punctual.


  • Rigger’s should have the zeal to work in a team because it is not the work of a single person. Work may be done right if the whole team works together.
  • The Rigger’s should be able to sit, stand, bend, work on their feet and lift 50 lbs on a regular basis.
  • The Rigger’s should be able to assess each load and select the proper equipment for the job.
  • Rigger’s preferably may have experience in crane assembling and disassembling.



Employer’s expectations are high but no need to worry. “Eagle Trust” is working in this direction, so that we can provide right manpower to the employers. If employers hire us to work for them, we will work diligently for them in fulfilling their needs of manpower. There are many benefits of hiring us-

Cost Saving.

We are giving our services since last 15 years in Whole Kuwait. If the employer hires us, it will be cost saving for them because we provide ready to work experienced Rigger’s. We inspect about experience level and other qualities of Rigger’s before placing them in companies. There is no need to spend extra on HR department.

Large Network.

We are working in this industry since last 15 years. As a result, we have a large network of a different kind of workforce in our records . The employer will get the best Rigger’s for their work from our side.


As we analyze work habits and stability of employees, we will provide you Rigger’s who are ready to work in long-run if needed. So you will not face issues of lack of workforce during ongoing constructions.


Using our labour supply services can save a lot of time of organisations. We will provide right labours at the right time at a short notice so that you can invest your valuable time in other important management work.

Eagle Trust Kuwait helps the client to supply Rigger’s workforce in a way to the maximum utilization. We provide trained & skilled Eagle Trust Working in the major cities of Kuwait  Any companies can contact us for the best supply of Rigger’s manpower at a very competitive & Affordable rate.

Painter Supply

As the civil construction work is growing in Kuwait at a faster pace it is becoming the hub of construction work day by day. Investment in infrastructure has become a substantial part of the construction and projects sector in the Kuwait . For all construction adequate manpower is needed the most. Because the size of construction work in Kuwait is increasing day by day, construction workers are hugely in demand. For all these constructions manpower is needed. But this is a huge problem for the employers to find efficient, skilled labour. That’s why construction Companies in Kuwait needs skilled and efficient workforce from outside to complete the project in a timely manner.

If we talk about the construction workers they should have deep knowledge in their respective field. These workers get training from labour supply services and become trained. When they are fully trained they are ready to hunt the construction sites. Labour supply companies in Kuwait train these workers according to the demand of the job. There are many types of construction jobs but painters are high in demand.

There are many civil construction projects are about to start in Kuwait. For the project, many workers are required such as painters. Manpower supply companies are working in this direction to fulfill the needs for the skilled & trained workforce. We are giving our service in almost all the emirates of Kuwait. Employers can contact us for their construction workforce, painters


Painter is the person who paints walls or does the whitewash. A painter paints equipment, buildings, bridges, and other structural surfaces using brushes, rollers and spray guns. They remove old paint to prepare the surface before painting and mix colours to obtain consistency. Paints are used in building construction for the visual appeal of building surface, protect the surface against weathering impact, to make the waterproof surface, protect from termite attack & to increase surface durability. There are four places to paint where the painting is required Interior walls & ceiling, exterior wall surface, wooden surface & metal.

Responsibilities of a Painter.

A painter has to perform many responsibilities such as-


  • Painter’s primary work is to apply paint, stain, varnish, enamel and other finishes to equipment & buildings.


  • They remove fixtures such as picture, door knobs & lamps.


  • They erect scaffolding & ladders to work on top of the walls.
  •  Painters mix colours & varnish with oil & thinner to obtain desired colours.
  • They apply primers & sealers to prepare new surfaces such as bare wood, metal or finish coats.
  • They should know using special finishing techniques such as sponging, ragging, layering, or faux finishing.




Skills & Qualities of a Painter.

Following are the skills that a Painter should have-

A painter should have good communication skills. Sometimes it happens people are not able to explain exactly what they want. So painter should know how to interpret exact instructions.

A Painter should have an aesthetic sense, ability to think what looks good.


Painter should be detailed oriented. They should find details such as crisp, edges, coats, and well-adhered layers because a small error can alter the look of the room or building.


Painter should know about a variety of brushes, rollers, scrapers, wire brushes, sanders and texturing tools to create different effects.


Painters should be good manual dexterous in order to achieve a good, clean coat.




What an employer can expect from a Painter

Below are some requirements based on the need for jobs :


  • As a painter’s work is dependent on standing, he should have the ability to work long-standing without bending.


  • Painter should have a good sense of colour combination in order to produce different colours.


  • He should be physically fit so that problem will not arise duration working long hours.
  • He should know impeccable painting skills to get preference.
  • Employer prefers painter who knows about paint composition and colour harmony to get the texture, tint, and shade as they want.
  • Painters who take various safety precautions to minimize the risk of accidents will be preferred.




Eagle Trust is here to provide such painters to different needs of the companies. Civil construction business in Kuwait has always a shortage of skilled painters. There is no shortage of workforce but the problem is a communication gap between employers and employees. We Manpower company working as a bridge between both of them. We provide best painters based on their abilities & skills to the employers. Employers can take benefits of working with us-

The benefits of hiring Painter from a Eagle Trust


Eagle Trust make available desirable workforce at the right time. An employer can save the cost of searching for the workforce if they hire our services.

Wide Network.

We are best in our field. We have a wide network of the workforce from different cities. We can make sure for the skilled & trained workforce.

Less advertisement expense.

There is no need to do advertisements. If an employer contacts us for painters, they will not have to go to any other agency. As we fulfill every need in every aspect.

Provide exact guidance.

The employer will get best working painters because we provide exact guidance about the company where they have to work. The employer will have less tension regards this.

If an employer considers us for their painter’s requirements we will provide experienced, skilled & trained painters who are best in manpower hiring. We have maximum of experience in recruiting painters. Our work is best in our industry. We are working in all the major cities of Kuwait and our clients can expect always best from us.





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