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When a dynamic team of IT specialists with unmatched drive and outstanding caliber, having the rich experience of working across a diversity of industry verticals and with skilled expertise in steadfastly delivering high-quality solutions to stakeholders, joined forces; Informatics came into being. Headquartered in Techno park, Triangulum and fast expanding to diverse global markets, we are a remarkably experienced and highly qualified team of technology experts and business professionals, catering to an assortment of businesses by offering our advanced, innovative and cost-effective services and solutions that actively keep pace with emerging industry trends and leading-edge technologies.

We aim to help businesses build up their proficiency further and to work towards ultimately playing an important role in actualizing their core objectives and ambitions in lasting ways. For us at Informatics, innovation becomes a way of life that inspires from within in this fast-changing business environment, helping us re-define and re-invent winning strategies to continuously deliver value to all our associates, customers and communities as we forge ahead together. Informatics offers services and solutions across a variety of industry verticals in different disciplines which includes web and mobile technology, infrastructure management, enterprise application services, and product development. We believe in channeling our capabilities in the right way to create success stories for all.


With our unique paradigm of business excellence, we at Informatics endeavor to create value, deliver quality and drive innovation steadily across all our associates, customers and communities.


We envision the establishment and expansion of our footprint globally to help more and more businesses and customers gain access to our best-in-class, innovative and cost-effective services and solutions that continuously adapt to cutting-edge technology needs and constantly evolving business models.


Respect & Faith

We respect the needs, beliefs, diversity, and identity of people and businesses and sincerely believe in extending our assurance and trust to our associates, customers, and communities.

Honesty, Integrity & Ethics

With Honesty as our best policy and Integrity at the heart our business we place the highest confidence in adhering to our code of ethics always, to positively ensure a higher degree of stakeholder satisfaction and steady sustainable growth for all.

Creativity & Innovation

We staunchly believe that growth and progress ensue as a result of the union between creative ideas and innovation, leading to sustained excellence in the overall services and solutions delivered to our valued stakeholders.


  • Customized Applications

  • Mobile Applications

  • Web Portals

  • Cross-Platform Applications

  • E-Commerce Solutions

  • Data Center Services

  • Network Services

  • Monitoring Service

  • Search Engine Optimization

Enterprise Applications

Tapping the benefits of technology that can drastically revolutionize the way organizations do business.

Operational changes that emerge continuously, and constantly demand improved operational efficiencies, pose as the major challenge to any industry in the world today. The solution to this ever-increasing need lies in tapping the benefits of cutting edge technology in the form of advanced enterprise applications that can drastically revolutionize the way organizations do business.
Informatics brings to the table innovative and integrated Enterprise Business Application Services which when synced with corporate strategies help companies manage real-time information and achieve successful process planning, ultimately enabling them to make crucial investment decisions that can help achieve their goals. Our services across the areas of CRM, ERP, CMS, POS, SFA, and BPM, with the competencies to meet the diverse needs of different industry verticals, help companies enhance their productivity and financial strength at significantly reduced operational costs.


  • Custom Application Development

  • Application Maintenance & Support

  • Legacy Systems Integration, Upgrading and Maintaining

  • Enterprise Portal & Collaboration Platforms

  • Business Analytics & Reports (Big Data)

  • Product Development


  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Salesforce Automation (SFA)

  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)

  • Point of Sales System (POS)

  • Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Content Management System (CMS)

  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)

  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)

  • Point of Sales System (POS)

  • Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM)

Mobile Applications

Mobility exists at the core of any organization’s strategic itinerary in the present-day business world.Mobility exists at the core of any organization’s strategic itinerary in the present-day business world. As ‘anywhere availability becomes the new norm for any global enterprise to flourish, the continuous need to improve connectivity and interactivity to create smooth and seamless customer experiences becomes tantamount to the need to communicate and collaborate effectively for any organization to succeed significantly in today’s fast-paced business environment. Informatics mobility solutions are tailor-made for each business to help improve their mobile strategy and to create an economic and secure mobile experience that works hand-in-hand with the varying needs of every industry.Our end-to-end mobility service competencies work by assessing challenges, scoping real solutions, and outlining tangible benefits ultimately enabling enterprises to achieve the essential freedom, simplicity, and flexibility, read mobility; that can transform their businesses in amazing ways.


  • Native Applications

  • Enterprise Applications

  • Cross-Platform Applications

  • Mobile-Optimized Websites

Web Development

Translation of business ideas into eye-catching technological wonders and best-in-class salient solutions Web development, other than being a valuable investment, helps organizations and businesses preserve their stable brand identities to create the much-needed impression of stability and coherence, helping them in highlighting their respective elements of differentiation that enable them to stand out in today’s highly competitive market. At Informatics we help businesses attain this needed distinction from their peers and competitors, by offering web development services facilitated by the effective use of innovative technologies; to create websites, Content Management Systems, e-Commerce sites, and rich internet applications. We facilitate the translation of our client’s business ideas into eye-catching technological wonders and best-in-class salient solutions like powerful, easy-to-use sites and applications that are customized to suit client requirements. Our designers and developers work hand in hand with business owners to create incredible results that set benchmarks for others to follow.


  • Corporate, Responsive Web sites

  • Content Management System

  • Social Media Integration

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • SMS Integration Solutions

  • Bulk E-mail and Newsletter Solutions

IT Infrastructure

Supporting clients in managing their infrastructure efficiently and bring significant value to their business Changing technologies are changing the way organizations do business. In a world where infrastructure capabilities are relentlessly being challenged through constantly evolving technologies, IT leaders around the globe are off-loading infrastructure management tasks to remote support services to focus more on innovation, business strategy, and revenue management. Infrastructure, planning, and projects become the key elements of success for any global organization when managed effectively. Besides enhancing the flow of information across the organizational system and promoting the adaptability that is requisite for a continuously evolving environment, a regimented and end-to-end infrastructure management service also aids in drastically reducing wastage of effort and resources thereby creating a positive impact on the steady growth of the organization’s revenue.

Informatics spectrum of innovative infrastructure management services supports clients in optimizing, securing and managing their infrastructure efficiently, thereby increasing the utilization of resources, reducing costs, increasing productivity and mitigating risks. We empower our clients to embrace changes confidently, helping them transform quickly to adapt to the ever-changing needs of shifting technology.

At Informatics we not only help our clients in reaching the pinnacle of success, but we also help them to stay there while maintaining the competitive edge required to indomitably enjoy their successes safely and productively. To achieve this, Informatics brings to the table domain expertise, innovative strategies, and best practices while employing a comprehensive infrastructure management approach to help clients optimize performance and maximize value. Our experts help in inferring and transforming industry best practices into hands-on solutions that drive businesses to exceed their core operational goals.



  •  OS Installation, Upgrades, Security & Vulnerability, Patch Management

  •  Antivirus Installation, Patch Management

  •  Security Hardening

  •  Troubleshooting and Fixing

  •  User Management

  •  License Management

  •  Printer Management

  •  Asset Management

  • Hardware

  •  Performance Monitoring

  •  Upgrades Software

  •  Installation, Configuration, Patch Management


  •  OS Installation, Upgrades, Security & Vulnerability, Patch Management

  •  Antivirus Installation, Patch Management

  •  Security Hardening, User Management

  •  Ongoing Backups, Restore Activities

  •  Troubleshooting, Fixing Ongoing Issues

Hardware Troubleshoot Server Hardware

  •  Overall Server Performance

  •  Upgrades Advanced

  •  Active Directory Installation, Configuration, Identity, Access Management


  •  Mail Servers, Database Servers, Web Servers, Print Servers, File Servers

  •  Version Upgrades of Services and Applications


  • Installing, Consolidating

  •  Upgrading, Patching

  •  Monitoring, Reporting

  •  Administration, Troubleshooting

  •  Security Hardening

  •  Infrastructure Performance Optimization

  •  Configuration, Backup, Load Management

  •  Capacity Planning and Management

  •  Ongoing Content Management

  •  Content Uploading, Publishing

  •  Migration

  •  24 X 7 Service Desk


  • Designing

  •  Security Planning

  •  Implementation, Management

  •  Auditing, Monitoring

  •  Proxy, Firewall Management

  •  LAN, WAN Uptime Monitoring

  •  Performance Management

  •  Installing WAN Links, Liaising With ISPs

  •  Firewall, Router Security Policies

  •  Latency Management

  •  Monitoring Bandwidth Utilization in LAN, WAN, VPN


  •  Capacity Planning, Management

  •  Data Center Audit

  •  Server Administration

  •  Database Administration

  •  Network, Security Administration

  •  Messaging Support

  •  Storage And Backup Administration

  •  Virtualization, Cloud Computing

  •  Cloud Migration Services

  •  Cloud Operation Support

  •  Hybrid Cloud Managed Services

  •  Asset Life cycle Management

  •  Uptime And Availability Enabler




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