Welder Supply

Eagle Trust has one of the best work cultures in the world. According to surveys the majority of the workers are extremely satisfied working in different sectors in Kuwait. Even when companies from all over the world are focusing on downsizing and cost-cutting, the hiring rate in Kuwait seems to be very steady. There are so many projects undergoing different sectors in Kuwait. Many construction projects are undergoing and the number of projects will only increase in the future. Kuwait Demand for manpower was always very high in this region.

like Al Over Kuwait, the regions where skilled workers are always in demand. And out of all the skills, one skill which is the most basic necessity in almost every industry is a skilled welder who can deliver quality work. There is a shortage of skilled welders in this part of the world. But there are many manpower supply companies which can provide skilled welders to different firms. This makes the life of the owners of these firms very easy. The firm doesn’t need to look for skilled labor by itself. They just need to contact one of the labor supply companies and after that, the labor supply company can take over the process of finding the right labor for the organization. This allows the firm to focus on their products and services more efficiently without worrying about the shortage of skilled manpower.


A welder is a person who wields the metals and then combines them. This process includes heating of metal. Basically, the welder has to join different metals together to make a final product that can be used for different purposes by the firm. A welder uses mainly these processes to complete this task of welding.

  • I.E. Shielded metal arc welding.
  • Resistance welding.
  • Plastic welding.
  • Gas metal arc welding.

With the advancement in the technology, there are also some other techniques of welding which a welder should know such as

  • Laser beam welding.
  • Electron beam welding.
  • Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).
  • Laser hybrid welding, x-ray welding.

Most welders have to work inside a factory but sometimes they may also have to work outside at the project site. Welders are one of the important assets of any company. Welders have even played a huge part in world wars for their respective armies and countries

Responsibilities of Welder

The main responsibilities of a welder are mentioned below:

  • Welder’s foremost responsibility is to cut and join different materials.
  • The welder has to repair the different parts of industrial machinery by using various welding techniques.
  • The welder has to test the already welded materials for safety purposes. They also have to check the proper function of the product which has been welded.
  •  A welder also has to analyze the designs of the final product before welding the metals, so that everything fits in the right place.
  • Welder has to choose the correct equipment for different processes involved in different production stages.
  • Welders also have to measure the lengths and sizes of various materials before joining them.

Quality and Skills of Welder

Following are the qualities and skills which a welder should possess:

  • Safety: A skilled welder should know how to keep the working environment safe for himself and his colleagues. He should make sure that there is no physical harm to the people and equipment of the organization.  
  • Attention to details: As a welder works on tiny parts of different metals which play a vital role in the final outcome of the process of production. So a welder should give attention to minute details of the welding process.
  • Working in unfavorable conditions: A welder has to work mostly in adverse working conditions. Sometimes welders have to give their whole day working in an environment that is not safe. They also have to work in areas where the temperature is very high.
  • Physical endurance: A welder should have high stamina and endurance to work continuously in a very challenging environment.
  • Creativity: A skilled welder should be creative enough as he may have to apply this art of welding on a range of various products as per the company’s requirement.
  • Knowledge of electrical equipment: A welder should have adequate knowledge of electrical equipment which he has to use for welding because a lack of electrical knowledge can be hazardous for everyone working in that proximity.

What the companies can expect in Welder from an Eagle Trust Company.

There are some expectations of Clients from the welders which every skilled welder should match to work in the organization. These are some common expectations which a skilled welder should meet on a daily basis.

  • The welder should be comfortable working in both the conditions i.e. indoor and outdoor.
  • Those welders are preferred most by the Clients who can perform the daily activities independently, that too with a certain efficiency.
  • The physical and mental toughness of a welder also plays a very vital role to work in different challenging conditions.
  • Ability to read and understand the blueprints of the final product makes a welder the perfect fit for the job. In addition to that, a skilled welder should also be aware of the safety measures he has to take while working on a specific project


Eagle Trust are highly experienced professionals who have expertise in supplying skilled labor from different parts of the world. For many years, we have been providing manpower to various firms from different sectors.

Cost / Price

Eagle trust  Company provides quality labor at a budget-friendly price. The rates of the welders are calculated on an hourly basis. The companies have to just pay only for the hours worked at their premises. These are some of the mandatory checks we take care of before handing the labor to the organization. This takes some pressure off from the shoulders of the organization as our services allow them to forget about all such things. This saves a lot of time and money for the firm.


Eagle trust has one of the biggest networks of skilled workers. We can provide huge manpower on very short notice if it’s required by any organization in Kuwait. We also make sure that the workers who join our clients/organizations are the professionals who have a history of high work ethics, who are trustworthy and who are willing to be associated with the firm for a long period of time.

Fabricator Supply

Kuwait is one of those places where the work culture is so great that almost everybody enjoys working here. Different surveys have shown that half of the working professionals are happy with their jobs in Kuwait. Kuwait has a rapidly growing economy, so the requirement of manpower is increasing day by day in almost all Kuwait. There are so many industries that have been set up recently in Kuwait, which results in high demand for workers in this area. A huge number of construction projects are under process in this region and this number is only going to increase in the near future.

In today’s world, a skilled fabricator has become the need of the hour. Almost every construction or manufacturing industry needs a talented fabricator who can execute the fabrication work with high efficiency. It is observed that many companies are facing the problem of shortage of fabricators. But this problem can be tackled easily as there are so many labor supply companies that are ready to provide high-quality skilled fabricators at nominal hourly or monthly rates. This saves a lot of time and resources of the organization, as they don’t have to invest their time and money to find a talented fabricator. They just have to call one of the manpower supply companies and all of the work can be done on time.


A fabricator is a person who fabricates different kinds of materials. A fabricator is responsible for converting a simple thing or a simple idea into something completely advanced. The fabricator has to mold elementary material into complex final goods and products. A fabricator has to use his technical skills and knowledge to create various metal products such as metal sheets, automobile parts, elements of machines and sometimes as big commodities as bridges and tanks. Nowadays fabricators are also required for the production of advanced goods such as racer cars, advanced vehicles. The job of a fabricator ranges from very simple tasks to some of the most complicated ones. The basic job activities are performed manually by a fabricator, but sometimes a fabricator also needs to take the help of devices like advanced machines and computers.

This skill is one of the most demanded skills in Kuwait and our company provides top-notch professional fabricators for different industries set up in Kuwait.

Responsibilities of Fabricator

The primary job responsibilities of a fabricator are as follows:

  • A fabricator should know how to read and interpret a work plan or blueprint of the manufacturing process of the product. A fabricator must know the engineering plans used to create the final product. He should be aware of the functionality of the final commodity.
  • A fabricator must possess technical and mechanical skills such as cutting, fitting and measuring different metal parts. He should also have the welding skills so that he can change the shape of the metals as required by the firm.
  • A fabricator must also have the ability to constantly check the functioning of equipment to ensure the longevity of the product. The fabricator also needs to check and maintain the welds of the equipment. He also needs to determine whether or not, there is a need for reconstruction or repairmen of the machinery parts.

Quality and Skills of Fabricator

Following are the qualities and skills which a fabricator should possess:

  • A professional fabricator should make sure that precautionary measures are taken while performing day to day activities to maintain a safe working environment for everybody working in the organization.
  • Focus on small details: A fabricator’s job involves working on small details, so he should particularly give more attention to each and every detail; no matter how small the detailing is because even a tiny mistake can result in a disastrous final product.
  • High level of creativity: A skilled fabricator should be highly creative. Creativeness is one attribute a Clients always looks for when hiring a professional fabricator. So a fabricator should be creative enough to see the whole process of making a product in advance (in his mind).
  • Knowledge of equipment: A fabricator must be well familiar with the tools and equipment which he is going to use. Deep knowledge of tools allows the fabricator to do his work efficiently. It also saves a lot of time for the professional and prevents him from all the hassle.
  • Sometimes, fabricators have to use computer programs such as AutoCAD to speed up the process. So, some knowledge of computers is also required in the job of fabrication.
  • A fabricator must have some basic knowledge such as Arc welding, tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), etc.
  • A fabricator may also have to do some calculations while working on a project to maintain a certain level of precision. So good maths skills can be handy for a fabricator. This skill differentiates skilled professional fabricators from the others.


Eagle Trust is best in the business when it comes to providing quality fabricator manpower supply to different organizations in Kuwait. We give training to workers and then supply manpower to small as well as large firms according to their requirements. You can count on us whenever there is a need for efficient fabricator at affordable rates. We can proudly say that we are one of the best manpower supply companies because we have more than 15 years of experience in this field.

The pricing of our services is very nominal. Not only this, but we also train the workers at our training centers before providing the manpower to our clients. We train them strictly to follow health and safety procedures during the work. So you don’t have to worry about these time-consuming processes and hence you can concentrate on productivity. Our company thrives on providing high-quality manpower supply to our clients so that they can maximize their profit by saving their valuable time and money.


Eagle Trust has a large network of skilled workers. We are known to provide manpower on very short notice if it’s required by any organization in Kuwait. We make it a point to ensure that every worker who joins our client’s firm has high work ethics and a good previous working history.

Pipe Fitter Supply

Today many countries are facing the challenge of adverse global economic situations. Despite this fact, job opportunities in Kuwait are growing continuously. Currently, Kuwait is one of the biggest construction markets in the world. This figure is astonishing as it is higher than the GDP of more than 100 countries. And the amazing thing is that according to the studies by many economists, this figure is only going to increase in the near future. In Kuwait, the size of the construction industry is so huge that the demand for construction workers is increasing day by day. The only problem which these giant infrastructure companies are facing is the inability to acquire quality manpower. It is turning out to be the biggest challenge for companies situated in Kuwait. Here comes the role of manpower supply companies that come to the aid of these gigantic infrastructure development firms. Right now Kuwait is witnessing the rise of many new manpower supply companies that provide the skilled Manpower to the infrastructure development companies at a short notice.

Many of the labor supply companies in Kuwait first provide the right amount of training to the workers. And once they are fully trained, then these manpower supply companies hand over the trained workers to the construction firms. Training the laborers prior to handing them over the organization is essential because these workers can be the defining factor for the success of these companies. One of the most important construction jobs is the job of a Pipe Fitter. Right now, workers possessing pipe fitting skills are very high in demand.

Pipe Fitter

A pipefitter is a person who is specialized in joining various sizes of pipes. The pipefitters also have to maintain and repair the pipe systems and their components in various construction sites. They have to assemble different components of pipe systems. Generally, a pipe fitter has to go under 4-5 years of training along with the classroom. When the person has completed his training sessions Then he becomes an Eagle Trust Employee.

Responsibilities of Pipe Fitter

Following points provides the information about the main responsibilities of a pipefitter:

  • A pipefitter needs to coordinate with workers and supervisors from different fields of work. This quality is very important for a pipe fitter as the lack of communication can cause unfavorable outcomes at different parts of the construction sites.
  • A pipefitter should know the exact requirement of the shape and size of the pipe components. The size of pipes and their components plays a very crucial role in a construction site. And the shape and size of the pipe always differ from one site to another.
  • A pipefitter has to ensure that there are no problems in the pipelines. Problems may arise in different forms such as a construction site, such as holes, leaks, cracks or obstruction in the pipelines. And if any issue is found in the pipe systems, then it is the responsibility of the pipefitter to rectify it as soon as possible.
  • A pipefitter should know how to read the blueprint and architectural plan of the construction site so that he can work accordingly. This ensures that every architectural aspect of the construction site is in sync with one another.
  • A pipefitter should possess a high knowledge of various tools that he may have to use during the process of construction. Along with the adequate knowledge, a pipe fitter must be physically very strong and fit as he has to lift heavy components of the pipe system such as hydraulic cylinders and hangers. He also needs to use heavy tools on a daily basis. This requires a lot of physical strength and endurance.
  • Along with physical fitness and high stamina, a pipe fitter needs to have an equally sharp mind. He should know exactly how a chemical reacts when it gets in touch with a particular material. So the pipe fitter should not only know about the size and shape of the pipes, but he should also have good knowledge of chemistry and different type of materials used in the coating of pipe systems. The lack of knowledge in this domain may lead to hazardous and unsafe working conditions for others.
  • A pipefitter should have the ability to work independently with little assistance. Many a time he also needs to unfavorable conditions for a long period of time like an extremely hot environment, high humidity, and dark places. So a person is fit for a pipe fitting job only if he is physically and mentally tough.
  • A pipefitter should know how to pace his work. He should be efficient enough to produce an effective outcome in a timely manner so that his work doesn’t affect the work of other sections of the construction sites. Sometimes a pipe fitter also has to work non-stop for the whole day with the minimal amount of breaks in between.

Many big organizations need skilled workers who can perform daily tasks with high efficiency. They always need some individuals who can perform effectively to meet the industry standards regularly, But most of the times companies fail to find such talent in this part of the world,

Our company has maximum experience in filling the demand and supply gap for skilled labor. Now for over a decade, have been regularly providing adequate manpower to the firms which need of labor in a very short notice. For so long we have been providing the right amount of training to the workers and then supplying this effective manpower to every big and small company in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. We also conduct all the background checks on the workers before supplying labor to our clients. Those are some of the reasons we are considered the best in the industry when it comes to manpower supply.

Eagle Trust manpower supply provides pipefitter supply services to all over Kuwait.

Plumber Labor Supply

The economic situation is challenging for most of the countries in the world, but in Kuwait, it is quite different. However, Kuwait still continues to be the number one construction market. The government is also taking the required steps to keep continuing to hold the position in the market. It is investing a huge amount in the construction sector.  There is a number of active construction projects in Kuwait thereby having lots of infrastructural development. The government is putting all the efforts to increase the number of projects in the coming years. So there are a lot of job opportunities in this sector and looking at the ongoing trends it seems like more opportunities are to come in the coming years. All this is creating a huge demand for the skilled Eagle Trust which is resulting in a big challenge for the construction industry as it becomes difficult to find the correct workforce with the right amount of knowledge and understanding.

This is a huge issue and needs to be solved. And in order to solve this, a lot of manpower supply companies are emerging in Kuwait. These labor supply companies provide skilled workers to the construction industry. And using these manpower supply companies makes it much easier for the construction industry to get the workforce that they need.

These manpower supply companies provide different types of skilled workers. And one category among them is Plumber. The plumber is a must when it comes to constructional work and these companies help to maintain the flow of efficient plumbers in the infrastructural development or construction industry.


A plumber is a tradesperson who is specialized in installing and maintaining plumbing systems such as drinking water, sewage, and drainage in plumbing systems. They basically repair and install plumbing maintenance systems that are connected to appliances, machines, and fixtures. We can segment plumbers into two, one those who focus on residential plumbing and others who concentrate on commercial plumbing. Plumbers can also be involved in designing and drafting blueprints. There are certain qualities that any kind of plumber must-have.

Responsibilities of a Plumber

A plumber has certain responsibilities that he has to fulfill working in a plumbing field:

  • A plumber is responsible to take all the steps in the installation, maintenance, repair and service in water and drain systems.
  • He performs cutting, assembling and installing pipes and tubes at the construction site.
  • The plumber is responsible for the troubleshooting of system malfunctions and failures.
  • The plumber should read blueprints, drawings, and specifications to know the layout of the plumbing systems.
  • Plumbers should work in cooperation to ensure that all the specifications, policies and guidelines are met and to ensure efficient completion of the project.
  • Plumbers should maintain the high standard and safety of workers.

Quality and Skills of a Plumber

A plumber must possess the below-mentioned skills:

  • A plumber should be able to read and draw and understand the specifications to determine the layout of the water supply.
  • The plumber must have good stamina as he needs to stand and walk throughout his shift.
  • The plumber must possess well off industrial knowledge and expertise.
  • A plumber should have the analytical and the calculative mind to understand the issues well as they have to make the precise measurements.
  • They should know about the tools and what tools to be used in each situation.
  • Apart from the above, it is very important for a plumber to have adequate oral communication skills.

What The Clients expect from a Plumber and how it can be achieved with the help of Eagle trust Company.


Eagle Trust hires a plumber who has the technical knowledge, certifications required training and tools knowledge. A plumber must have the plumbing expertise, understanding of the current rules and regulations and adequate interpersonal communication skills on a technical level. However, to find a plumber with all these qualities and skill set takes time. Moreover, construction companies hire not only one plumber but many of them. So it is easy to approximately know the time and money needed to recruit plumbers. The recruiting process in itself is a lengthy process. It involves advertising, testing. Screening, background check and what not and hence, it takes a good amount of time to hire an expert plumber. Any company would never like to consume most of their time and money spent in the process of recruitment and training.


Any company would like to invest most of its time in doing what they are specialized in. Therefore, to solve the issues related to hiring and recruitment of workforce, Manpower Supply Companies are a boon to these construction companies. They are taking care of all the work related to supplying the right manpower. Now the construction companies can totally rely on these manpower supply companies and focus more on their core work. Labour Supply Companies not just provide the skilled workers but apart from this they give certain other advantages as well. like

  1. Saves Time 
  2. Access to best candidates 
  3. Flexible Contracts 

Saves Time

The hiring process can be very time-consuming. And when it comes to the construction companies, the hiring process can take weeks and months. Mostly the time consumed is in the initial stage which involves testing, sorting. In order to avoid this issue, one can easily come into contact with an Eagle trust Company that is best in doing this job.

Access to best candidates

As the main business of the labor supply companies is to provide the right candidates to its clients, they have access to the best candidates. They have the fantastic and some of the best talents in their list. And a construction can totally take advantage of it.

Flexible Contracts

Based on the pressure of work, construction companies indulge in long-term contracts or short-term contracts. This means that at times they may need fewer workers and at times a large number of workers. And Eagle Trust Company is a very flexible Charge on this provides the Manpower according to the demand and the project.

From the above, Eagle Trust knows that Manpower supply companies help in supplying the manpower demand in such a way that it allows the maximum utilization of human resources. Eagle Trust Manpower Supply provides trained and skilled plumbers to the Clients from Kuwait and the companies can expect the best manpower supply services in Kuwait from us.

Insulator Manpower Supply

Kuwait has become one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world. Its various sectors are now witnessing the growth and creating job opportunities for their people. The construction sector is one of them and accounts for almost 10% of the total GDP of Kuwait. Not only the current situation but the outlook for the Kuwait construction sector is positive for the many years to come. The construction industry in Kuwait is a large hub that has several segments of it. It has spread across residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare and roads and infrastructure segments. The major projects that are ongoing are roadways, airports, and port. And this is creating immense job opportunities for the people. And hence, there is an increase in the demand for manpower in the construction industry. One of the various types of construction jobs with high demand is Insulator. Eagle Trust provides insulator manpower supply to construction industries in Kuwait.

As there is a surge in the demand for manpower in the construction sector, there is a constant challenge in finding the manpower and just not the manpower but the quality and qualified manpower for the required projects. To overcome this challenge the role of manpower supply companies comes into the picture. These companies are formed to supply manpower to the construction companies. Their main focus is to provide skilled and quality man force to the infrastructure development companies.

The Eagle Trust role of manpower supply company is not just limited to providing the Manpower, also Eagle Trust to train the manpower. Eagle Trust provides them with the required knowledge before they are sent out to the construction companies. There are demands for different kinds of workers specialized in a different type of work and this is being fulfilled by Eagle trust company.


Eagle trust companies know that buildings are insulated to save energy in winters and in summers as well. Therefore, the role of securing insulation in the building by using several tools is being done by an insulator. In order to do so, an insulator must possess knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures. They basically remove the old insulation when a building is being renovated. The tools that an insulator uses are mainly knives and scissors. They also make use of power tools, for example, power saws, welders, staple guns and air compressors. Insulation is applied to different kinds of equipment, pipes, or ductwork in businesses, factories, and buildings by a mechanical insulator. They have to take care of every minute detailing while insulating, for example, they consider the diameter, thickness, and temperature of the pipe in determining the type of insulation to be used.

Responsibilities of an Insulator

An insulator basically takes care of the following responsibilities.

  • An insulator is responsible to remove and dispose of the old insulation before he can start with the installation.
  • He should read and interpret blueprints, instructions, and other documentation or plan work activities to know the type and quantity of insulation required for particular equipment, building or other mechanical systems.
  • An insulator must determine the amounts and selects required such as fiberglass, foam rubber, Styrofoam, cork, or urethane, based on materials’ ability to retain heat, location, surface, shape, and equipment use.
  • He must be able to move materials and equipment such as cover, seal or finished insulated surfaces to work locations and sets up the worksite.
  • Secure insulation with the help of staples, tape, or screws.
  • Install sheet metal around insulated pipes with screws in order to protect the insulation from weather conditions or any physical damage.
  • Whiling installing the insulation an insulator must follow all hazardous waste handling guidelines as he would be responsible for observing and complying with all safety and project rules.

Quality and Skills of an Insulator

An insulator must possess the below-mentioned skills in order to be the installation of insulation

  • As a mechanical insulator performs various measurements such as the size of the equipment or pipe that he is insulting, he must be good at calculating so to apply shop mathematics to solve problems and to make decisions based on measurable criteria.
  • An insulator must possess mechanical skills since he has to use a variety of hand and power tools to install and insulation.
  • An insulator must be physically strong and should have good physical stamina as he performs most of his tasks by standing, kneeling and bending.
  • He must be able to visualize objects in three dimensions and be able to see the differences in the size, shape, and forms of lines and figures.

Clients expect from an Insulator and how it can be achieved with the help of Eagle trust Company


Every client who wants to hire an Insulator has certain requirements or capabilities that an insulator must fulfill. Nobody wants to give a position of an Insulator to a person who has no minimum knowledge, no physical capacity, and no visualizing and measuring capabilities. And more importantly, Clients definitely want an insulator that can follow the guidelines in order to perform the functions of the job. Clients want that they don’t have to spend a lot of time and money finding a good insulator.


The solution to these many problems is provided by an Eagle trust Company. Eagle Trust is best at handling these challenges on behalf of construction companies and that too in an efficient way.

Saves Money

Eagle Trust manpower company is advantageous as the company in need of manpower does not spend extra money on recruitment and training of the workers. Since our expertise in this, we provide skilled and efficient insulator manpower supply at a decent cost.

Flexible Contracts

Eagle Trust provide contracts according to the requirement of the companies. Some companies want manpower for a short-term period while some want for a long-term period. Therefore, Eagle Trust Is flexible contracts based on the need of the client.

Saves Time

Eagle Trust Hiring and recruiting manpower requires setting up a proper HR department. Insulator Manpower Supply Services involves not only the cost but the time as well as spending weeks after weeks to hire the right person for the job. This challenge faced by the construction companies is being solved by Eagle trust Company. Eagle trust provide this service and provide the Manpower according to the needs of our clients.

Provide Expertise workforce

 We spend every day to provide manpower staffing solutions to organizations across various industry sectors in Kuwait. Therefore, we have significant expertise in Kuwait. We are dynamic and understand industry trends and the Client’s needs.

Duct man Supply 

In the last few years after the financial crises were over, the construction industry rises rapidly in Kuwait. And the outlook for the infrastructure development sector in Kuwait is positive for the coming years. The construction sector is contributing to the GDP of Kuwait at 10%. It is all set to provide tourism benefits to Kuwait. Governments are showing interest in investing more in the construction industry which has various segments in itself such as infrastructure, retail, hospitality, and commercial. Today the infrastructure sector of Kuwait is known for its marvelous international ranking. All these investments in huge projects are creating opportunities for people and these opportunities are increasing the demand for a skilled and knowledgeable Manpower. And to carry out this task of providing the skilled worker is done by Eagle trust manpower Supply Companies. Eagle Trust has a large network of skilled workers that belong to different categories of jobs. The Eagle Trust Manpower supply companies do all the testing, screening of the person to see if that is suitable for a particular opportunity or not.

Eagle Trust  Manpower Supply Companie has a large network of skilled workers. One of these types of workers is Dutchman. Eagle trust can provide Duct foreman, Duct installer, and Duct fabricators.

Duct man

A duct worker is mainly classified into three.

  • Duct Fabricator.  
  • Duct Installer.
  • Duct foreman.

Duct fabricator

Duct fabricators are also known as sheet metal workers as they work at the construction sites as well as in manufacturing plants. They generally construct ductwork products that are used in heating and cooling requirements. These are products are mainly utilized in office buildings and residential buildings and homes. Apart from this, a duct fabricator uses other materials, for example, fiberglass and plastic to produce ductwork. A duct fabricator’s work mainly revolves around the work that involves ductwork. The ductwork includes the fabrication stage, installation stage, and continuous maintenance stage. A duct fabricator works throughout these stages.

Duct installer

A duct installer is one who performs the layout and installation of air conditioning duct and ventilation equipment. They are responsible for designing and installing ducts and duct fittings. They are involved in doing paperwork, adhering to company procedures, and following safety procedures.

Duct foreman

A duct foreman is the one who supervises a duct fabricate. He gives all the instructions and guidelines to the duct fabricator and duct installer. He coordinates work team activities with other team leaders and management personnel as necessary to complete the tasks. A duct foreman checks whether all the work orders were completed effectively and according to the time frame.

Duct man Description

Responsibility of a duct fabricator

  • The duct fabricator provides details regarding the duct cutting list indicated in the drawing plan to other teams such as project engineers and duct foreman.
  • The duct fabricator reviews the blueprints for the ductwork.
  • The duct fabricator determines the type of material and the quantity of material for the heating and cooling systems.
  • The duct fabricator pulls out the sheets of metal from the available stock and crafts it into the piping system.

Responsibilities of a duct installer

  • The duct installer should assist with the installation of heat or air conditioning units.
  • The duct installer prepares sheet metal, hangs ductwork, runs gas lines and installs units.
  • The duct installer installs HVAC units.
  • The duct installer also needs to do troubleshooting layouts to ensure productivity.
  •  A duct installer is responsible for keeping adequate stock of fitting and repair supplies.
  • The duct role is also to ensure complete safety during mechanical and electrical tasks

Responsibilities of a duct foreman

  •  A duct foreman should prepare a schedule for each workgroup.
  •  He should take off the material needed in the project with the utmost care and judiciously.
  •  He should keep a note of daily work and report all the daily problems and progress to the site engineer.

Qualities which a Dutchman must have

All the qualities of that Duct fabricator, Duct installer, and Duct foreman should possess have been outlined below.

  • They should possess basic math calculation as the technology involved needs the knowledge of basic maths.
  • They should have the required strength as they need to lift heavy materials during the process.
  • They should be able to read and understand terms and work related to ductwork. They should understand the blueprints, manuals and should be able to work with computers.

Expectations of Clients  from a Ductman and how it can be achieved with the help of Eagle Trust Company


Clients need ductman who can perform the ductwork efficiently and effectively. They want someone who has good reading and understanding abilities. The one who can follow the guidelines and who can understand the specifications well enough. At the same time, Clients feel that they do not spend a lot of their time in hiring and recruiting the worker.


Eagle trust  Company solves these issues. We provide infrastructure and constructing companies with the required workers. Not only this, we help them with the following benefits.

  •  Low cost For a construction company it becomes really easy if all the work related to the HR department and training department is done by a third party. Therefore, we do all the tasks from testing, screening and background investigation. This helps companies to save a lot of money on hiring procedures.
  •  Need-Based Contracts The company can need the workers for a long-term or a short-term period. And this need is being fulfilled by Eagle Trust  Company. Eagle Trust provides them with the required Manpower according to Client’s contact.
  • Saves Time: As we do all the tasks related to the HR department for different companies that we are indulged with, it saves a lot of their time so that they can focus more on their core work.
  • Network The company need not post an advertisement to hire particularly skilled manpower. Eagle Trust has a larger network of skilled Manpower and that too for different tasks which makes it easier for a construction company to rely on us for the skilled Manpower according to Client’s requirement.

Mechanical Helper Supply

The world has gone through an economic crisis, but Kuwait has built itself as the world’s leading construction center. It has put all its effort to push itself this stage of being number one in the constructional sector. The construction sector contributes about 10% to the GDP. There are currently Lot’s Of active construction projects and the High value of these projects. In the years to come, the number of projects is going to increase rapidly. The investment in the construction sector in Kuwait is very high. Even the government is putting all its efforts by investing in several construction projects to remain at the number one position. The construction industry in Kuwait is a large hub that has several segments of it. It has spread across residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, roads and infrastructure segments. The major projects that are on-going are roadways, airports, and port. And this is creating immense job opportunities for the people. And hence, there is an increase in the demand for manpower in the construction industry.

As there is an increase in the demand for skilled workers in the construction sector, there is a challenge in finding the right Manpower and at the right time for a particular job. To solve this huge challenge, Manpower Supply Companies. Eagle Trust is formed to basically provide the quality manpower to the construction sector companies. Eagle Trust specializes in the hiring process. Eagle trust main focus area is itself to provide the skilled Manpower to the infrastructure development sector.

The main objective of Eagle trust Company is not just to provide the workers but also to train them according to the job requirement. Eagle Trust provides the candidates with the required knowledge to get hired for a particular job. As said earlier, there are different categories of work in a construction company. Also, Eagle Trust Companies have a huge network of candidates with different skills. One of these categories of workers is Mechanical Helper.

Mechanical Helper

Mechanical helper plays a very crucial role at a construction site. A mechanical helper generally helps in repairing, assembling and adjusting construction equipment as well as to help at any other requirement at the construction site.  Eagle Trust provides maintenance support to field operations. Eagle trust inspect, repair and maintain the functional parts of the mechanical equipment and machines used in construction work. Eagle trust basically works closely with Superintendent, Foreman, Mechanics, Welders, Labourers, Helpers and other skilled or semi-skilled craft workers. Eagle trust is also called factory helpers as experienced in carrying out work in big manufacturing units.

Responsibilities of a Mechanical Helper

The mechanical helper has the following responsibilities that he takes care of

  •  The mechanical helper work on tasks given by his supervisor or foreman.
  •  He is responsible for the timely maintenance and repair of machines and equipment.
  •  Mechanical helper disassembles and assembles equipment, using mechanic’s hand tools used at the construction site.
  • He performs minor and major repairs on the brake, electrical, fuel, lubrication, cooling, vacuum, and hydraulic systems and drivetrains.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs mechanical, hydraulic and electrical problems with machinery and equipment.
  • The mechanical helper should order materials and supplies needed for the repair and maintenance of various pieces of equipment and machinery.
  •  Assists as directed in the overhaul, adjustment, maintenance, and repair of varied types of motors and mechanical and motorized equipment.
  • It helps to lay and cut materials.
  • He should assist in fitting and threading pipes; melts and pours lead for joints.

Qualities and Skills of a Mechanical Helper from Eagle trust Company

The qualities and skills that a mechanical helper must possess are the followings

  • He should have the proper knowledge of the equipment and machines used in the construction site.
  • The mechanical helper should have skills in how to operate that equipment and machines and what tools to use to repair this big equipment and machines.
  • The mechanical helper should take care of the safety majors while doing the maintenance or repair work on any machinery.
  • A mechanical helper should be strong enough to carry all the tools required to repair the machinery and other equipment.
  • He should have good stamina to stand for long hours as his job may need to stand for a long period of time.

What the Clients can expect from a Mechanical Helper By Eagle Trust Company.

Every client who wants to hire a mechanical Helper has certain requirements or capabilities that a mechanical helper must possess. Nobody wants to give a particular position to a person who has no adequate knowledge, no physical capacity, and no visualizing and measuring capabilities.

  • The mechanical helper Should be able to read and understand the guidelines set for his position.
  • The mechanical helper should be hardworking since the tasks involved in this post or this position is very demanding.
  • The mechanical helper should be strong enough to carry loads throughout the day.
  • The mechanical helper should have appropriate knowledge about all the machines and equipment that are at the constructional site.
  • The mechanical helper Should be communication skills in order to communicate well with your supervisor or teammates.

Clients need all the qualities of a mechanical helper. However, in order to hire or recruit such a person with all these qualities, it takes a lot of time and money. Eagle Trust always wants to hire a skilled person but also wants to spend less to get the work executed. All these challenges and issues are being solved by eagle Trust Company.

How Eagle Trust  Company can solve this problem

Eagle Trust meets every demand that the construction industry. Eagle trust Company provides the required skilled worker to the Clients.

Eagle Trust  Company provide the following benefits as well

  • Network 
  • Cost/ Price 
  • Expertise


A construction company does not need to post an advertisement anywhere to hire skilled manpower. Since the workforce supply company has a huge network of skilled workers, it lowers the need for the advertisement for the construction industry.

Cost/ Price

Since all the pre-hiring process is being done by the Eagle Trust Company, it reduces the cost for the construction companies. Moreover to hire a person on the visa sponsorship takes a lot of money. So to meet the temporary requirement of manpower it is always better to seek the service of an Eagle Trust Company.


Since we have a huge availability of manpower from different sectors we have the required skills to provide the right candidate to the companies.

Eagle Trust Company Provide All Those Things For Construction Intrustres.


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