Eagle Trust Sales Team Services

Eagle Trust clients use as their outsourced sales department. Eagle Trust act as Client’s “sales team.”  when The Clients Have more sales opportunities than their current sales force can cover but not enough to justify hiring another full-time salesperson.

Because of our experience and expertise in many different industries and selling situations, Eagle Trust find ourselves called upon to sell more than just products and services for our clients. Our sales team and sales management services are designed to help clients sell their companies at whatever level they need.

Eagle Trust sales team and sales support services are structured to guide and coach clients through the sales process. Our sales team specializes in areas such as developing a sales strategy and a plan, identifying potential suitors, and following through to negotiate the final sales price and ongoing arrangements. The eagle Trust sales team and sales management services are designed for companies that are too small for investment banking firms or even business brokers to focus on. We have developed a process that makes our sales support services very affordable to the business owner.

In helping owners as an outsourced sales support department, one of our senior consultants serves in whatever sales capacity you require, from going on occasional sales calls to managing your sales operation. Eagle Trust sales team and sales support services can be especially productive for organizations without a formal sales management function, that have a seasonal business, or that are attempting to develop new markets with minimal investment.

Eagle Trust also can participate in or constitute a “pursuit team” that helps close sales. Eagle Trust can plan strategy, accompany your representatives on sales calls, or make sales calls ourselves. A key advantage to the Eagle Trust sales team and sales support program is that you can budget a set amount monthly for a senior consultant to act in a sales capacity. You then know exactly how much you’re investing and can increase or decrease that investment as needed.


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