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Eagle Trust Valet Services

Eagle Trust understand That services are a Reflection and an extension of any establishment of Valet and carefully select Eagle Trust Manpower Services.

Eagle Trust  Valet Service is a locally owned and operated valet & event staffing serving In Kuwait. Eagle Trust Valet Service, we take great pride in our work and it shows. From the moment you contact us to the moment your event is finished, you will have experienced the best the Company has to offer.

Our Services

  • Valet Parking 
  • Parking Management
  • Event Staffing
  • Traffic Control


Eagle Trust is a modernizer in valet parking services, Offering a safe, unified experience to our diverse clients. Eagle trust Has experienced personnel provides seamless valet experience from the moment Client hand over the keys to us when Client steps back into Theyer car. Eagle Trust aims to ensure that the first impression. Eagle Trust make is a positively memorable one for guests. Eagle Trust personnel are trained to upkeep our high service standards and integrity, and ever ready to assist anyone in need. They are well-groomed as we are aware of the importance of maintaining a professional presentation. Our guests can expect the same five-star service, whether they are visiting a luxury hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, international airport, or shopping mall. Our valet service is an exceptional addition to any business, providing the best first impression and last contact for customers visiting premises. We make it our mission to adjust, redesign and raise the bar of our services to keep up with trends while maintaining cost-effective structures. Eagle Trust management team has the experience to ask the important questions to properly set up, staff and operate valet parking services at any venue. We believe in continuous learning, with training programs focused on quality, safety, and customer care. Eagle Trust procedures and training approaches are envisioned to maintain the best service levels and to avert workplace accidents All our certified valet attendants undergo training to attain government-issued certifications for the valet industry, to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

Parking lot management systems

Eagle Trust professionals will be carrying out a site survey, putting their Maximum of experience at guest’s disposal, and based on the geometry and area of your parking lot, Eagle Trust will make sure that guests maximize profit by not wasting any redundant space, having the most possible availability.

Valet On-Demand

Whether you are a business or an individual having an event, at work or at home, you don’t have to take stress about securing parking spaces for your clients. Our valet on-demand service will make sure that your Visitors are well hailed, taken care of and having a VIP experience so that you and your visitors are satisfied.


Eagle Trust Speed Park comparable Valet Parking service has become so distinctive in nature and our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed service is designed to minimize and eliminate usual complexities experienced in daily valet operations. Eagle Trust has pioneered the field of valet parking by combining ground-breaking methods and revolutionary techniques that advance the process of receiving and delivering vehicles in the safest and most secure means. Eagle Trust has also implemented many programs that enhance the traditional valet service by transforming it into a useful and enjoyable service to you as well as to your most valuable clients. Most importantly, Eagle Trust carries out this mission while reducing your total operational cost and without compromising the level of quality. Listed below is a partial list of these services and benefits…

Event staffing

The time to organize door staff and cash sales at the event Eagle Trust has a dedicated team, that can manage all aspects of ticketing at the event including cash sales, pos sales, customer support. Eagle Trust can deal with complaints at the door and make sure your cash is safe in a crowded environment. Eagle Trust has experience with high footfall and tested technologies to withstand up to More than people per event. In order to meet compliance with the Work Health and Safety

local government, road construction organizations and public utility authorities are required to design, approve and implement. There are also other specific requirements under associated regulations and standards set out by respective Government Authorities WorkCover, WorkSafe, Kuwait Standards and the various Road Authorities.

Event Staffing Including as

  • Residential Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Commercial Events
  • Charitable Events
  • Private Events
  • Special Events
  • Holiday Events
  • Restaurants
  • Weddings
  • Venues
  • Parties
  • Hotels
  • Open Houses
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Lofts
  • High-Rises
  •  Dealers

Events Management organize

  • Festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Public gatherings
  • Traffic management of vehicles & road users/visitors

Traffic control

The construction, maintenance, and special events suspend or interrupt the normal function of the roadway, traffic control is developed to ensure the safety of all road users, and the protection of workers.

The plan shows how traffic is to be safely separated from workers at the worksite or work route. It is an instruction for the site/road crews and is usually in the form of a diagram showing the road conditions. and how the traffic is to be managed around the site/activities temporary signs, posting of traffic control staff.

Traffic control is detailed drawings that show the layout of temporary road signs and devices to warn and guide traffic past, around and through the worksite safely.

Traffic control is part of a work health and safety requirement of a worksite. It should adhere to the principles outlined in respective traffic control for road works manuals established by each State and Territory and Kuwait Standards.

Issue traffic control 

Any business organization intending to commence work that might obstruct or interfere with traffic and/or associated with working on roads or road-related areas is required to deploy trained person to select, design & modify and set-up appropriate

Staff  conducting a business or undertaking responsible for maintenance work must adhere to the principles outlined in manuals such as

Eagle Trust the respective will ensure that the ability to work safely in the vicinity of Event. the Eagle Trust conducting a business or undertaking must provide the technical background and guidance for the Guest placement of temporary traffic control signs and devices used for Event.

Be Safe & Secure With Eagle trust security your trusted partner


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